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Theradome PRO LH80


80 Laser Diodes – use 2 times a week

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40 Laser Diodes – use 4 times a week

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Welcome to Theradome GB

The UK’s Official Distributor Of The Theradome® PRO LH80 and EVO LH40.

Welcome to the UK home of Theradome laser helmets. Theradome GB are a Trichologist lead team with decades of hair loss experience. We understand how hair loss affects confidence whether you’re male or female, If you need advice before ordering, please get in touch by email or call 0333 344 0032. We can also help you find a Trichologist if you need a diagnosis before actively starting treatment.  This site is packed with useful information on both hair loss in men and hair loss in women.

Read our Testimonials pages and see real customer before and after pictures.  At our news page, you can read independent blog articles from Theradome testers and multiple news feature pages about hair loss.

Theradome Hair Awards 2019 Finalist
Theradome winner of the Hollywood Beauty awards
Theradome Shortlisted for best male grooming product 2018
Theradome Best Hair Loss restoration device


Theradome® Brings New Hope To Hair Loss Sufferers 

Theradome® brings new hope to hair loss sufferers.  The Theradome® LH80 PRO is a unique home use Laser Phototherapy (LPT) helmet.  FDA cleared for the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss, both the PRO LH80 and EVO LH40 cover the entire affected scalp region.

Androgenetic alopecia or pattern hair loss is the most common form of hair loss. In men it is recognised as a well defined pattern of baldness or in women an overall thinning at the top or largely the front of the head. Laser Phototherapy is a recognised, effective and powerful hair regrowth treatment for treating this type of hair loss.

Women with other hair loss issues can use Theradome® laser helmets. Pregnancy,  hair loss caused by ill health such as flu or COVID, surgery and post chemotherapy.

One of the largest groups of client  are those post menopausal ladies who simply just have ageing hair. As we age, hair becomes finer, it is a fact of life.

One of the most noticeable benefits people using laser therapy report is an overall improvement in hair quality, structure and condition. Hair diameter can improve over time with using laser phototherapy, reversing the signs of hair ageing and improving manageability.



It’s All About The Lasers –  And Theradome’s Are Special

Theradome® is based on the concept of a clinical machine, it has a similar number of laser diodes (80) and power (5mw). We custom make our lasers in our own labs which enables us to optimally tune them to the ideal wavelength for hair growth (680 nm).

Most of our competitors purchase laser diodes cheaply from China at whatever wavelength is closest to optimum. This is why most home laser therapy diodes have a wavelength of 650 or 660nm. Diodes at these wavelengths are mass produced for other purposes.

Theradome® features a key ventilated design feature at the top of the helmet. Studies have shown that as ambient diode temperature increase, laser power decreases. Hence in an enclosed laser cap or helmet with no ventilation, the power reduces to a fraction of that stated.

Our gold heat sinks draw away any heat produced by the diodes. It then dissipates through the ventilation holes. In tests we found the combination of our 80 lasers result in less than 1C increase in ambient temperature. This means that the power remains consistent throughout the 20 minute treatment process.

To make absolutely sure are lasers work at optimum temperature, a sensor ensures your helmet will only work at optimum conditions for energy production. If the ambient temperature exceeds this you will hear ‘warning temperature high’ and the helmet will turn off.

Please note: in the rare event of a British heatwave, please keep your Theradome® in the coolest part of your home and use when the ambient temperature is lowest. Storing or using in high heat or sun will make the sensor think you won’t get the best from your treatment so won’t let you use it!



Theradome PRO LH80 Side View

Buy Theradome® £899




Theradome® Technical Specification


80 diodesCoherent Laser Light
80 Optimally engineered lasers (not LED) penetrate deeply to the hair follicle without heat generation.


optimal scalp penetrationOptimal Scalp Penetration
Lasers achieve optimal scalp penetration to reach the base of the hair follicle for powerful, effective energy absorption.


wavelengthOptimum Wavelength
A clinically proven wavelength first used by pioneer Dr. Endre Mester, proven effective since 1965.


Maximum EfficiencyCool air flow
Constructed to disperse heat and cool lasers, our helmet generates less than 1 degree Celsius heat during a session.


Reliability18000 20 minute treatments
Custom made high quality laser diodes, tested to last 6000 hours – equivalent to up to 18,000  20 minute sessions.


Cost EffectiveLowest cost per laser
Offers lowest cost per laser and highest dosage per hair growth treatment.


Theradome® Ease of Use
Engineered for You and Your Lifestyle.

Theradome® is designed by scientists and engineers to be a convenient consumer friendly answer to hair loss treatment. The rechargeable battery allows at least 8 treatments between charges. The rechargeable feature means you are free to move around. You do not have to sit by a wall socket for your treatment duration.

Theradome speaks its instructions and tells you how many treatments you’ve performed each time you switch it on. It also tells you every 5 minutes how long your session has remaining and tells you when the treatment is complete before automatically switching off. It also notifys you when the battery is low. There is no LCD display or remote control, all functions are carried out by the single round button at the rear of the unit.

batteryBattery Operated
Optimized to deliver 5-7 high-dosage laser hair treatment sessions with the power of a rechargeable battery.


Hands FreeHands-Free & Cordless
Designed for hands-free, hassle-free use with no combing. Cordless so you are free to move around whilst wearing Theradome™.


Voice remindersVoice Guidance
A friendly female English voice reminds you of session time, treatment count and when your battery needs to be charged.


one size fits allUniversal Fit
Designed to fit 98% of heads. Removable foam pads are included to improve fit and comfort



counterTreatment Tracking
Fully automated counter tracks the number of treatments which have been carried out.


20 minutes treatmentTimed Treatments
Timed for 20-minute hair treatment sessions with automatic shut-off. No need to self-time, Theradome® does it all for you.


plug in anywhereInternational Use
Certified to worldwide electronic standards for International use. UK models come with a compact UK USB adaptor.


light weight designLight Weight & Robust
Designed for comfort with minimal weight and maximum durability.


Theradome® Safety and Certification


FDA Cleared
FDA Cleared as safe and effective for OTC sale.
ISO/IEC Compliance
CE Mark
Authorized for sale and export within the European Marketplace.

zero side effects

Theradome GB UK Customer Service

As the UK Theradome LH80 PRO distributer, we also look after our customer aftercare and servicing. We aim to answer your questions quickly and if you have a problem, to rectify it fast. As one of few Theradome distributers trained in extensive troubleshooting and repairs, we are able to help you even after Theradome’s warranty has expired.

Theradome® as a company aim for 100% customer satisfaction and work tirelessly to maintain a fault rate of less than 1%. Theradome® is the most robust home laser therapy products on the market but in the rare occasion a fault occurs, Theradome GB will rectify or exchange.

How Does Laser Phototherapy Help Hair Loss?

The Science behind LPT.


There are hundreds of studies that can be read online regarding the effects of cold Laser Phototherapy (LPT). Ironically it was the use of lasers for hair removal which eventually led to their use in hair growth.

It was noted that some patients treated for hair removal experienced hair growth in the surrounding treatment area. This was due to low energy light being reflected off the treatment region. This is known as paradoxical hypertrichosis.

Studies have shown that LPT has a therapeutic effect on targeted human cells positively altering metabolism and increasing:

  1. ATP production
  2. Protein synthesis that boosts cell replication and migration
  3. Growth factors and inflammatory mediators
  4. Tissue oxygenation
  5. Nitric oxide (NO) release, which augments vasodilation

The properties above are highly beneficial in the treatment of hair loss and in overall scalp health. By treating the scalp with laser Laser Phototherapy many hair loss sufferers experience:

New hair growth
Reduction in hair loss
Increased hair diameter
An improvement in overall hair quality

LPT provides benefits to patients who undergo hair transplant surgery. This improvement is due to reduced scalp inflammation and increased healing speed of damaged tissues due to the treatment process. Not only does the the use of LPT improve the post transplant healing time, many users report less shock loss (hairs temporary lost adjacent to the recipient site) and a faster growth of newly transplanted donor hair follicles.

Click here to find out more about How Theradome® Works.

Theradome® – The Proof Is In The Results

Mike Theradome Review

Mike was experiencing genetic early on-set hair loss. His friend’s joked he should shave his remaining hair off and be ‘done with it.’ Mike sought treatment for hia hair loss and now thanks to Theradome he is experiencing results.