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New Theradome Laser Device

The new Evo LH40 helmet from Theradome is said to be the equivalent of a clinical laser phototherapy machine US laser therapy firm Theradome has revealed a new device to help customers restore their thinning hair. Designed as a lightweight helmet, the new Evo LH40 product is the equivalent of…

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Best New Trichologist Award Sponsored by Theradome

Best New Trichologist Award

 ‘Best New Trichologist’ Award Sponsored by Theradome® at The ITC Congratulations to Ebuni Ajiduah for winning the Best New Trichologist Award. Our consolations to the two runners up Angie Stocker and Nicky Cattel. You are all outstanding Trichologists but alas there is only one award! We chose to sponsor this…

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Why a scalp facial could be your answer to thinning hair

A study by Philip Kingsley found that over 1 in 5 women in the UK alone experience reduced hair volume and hair loss. And so the insatiable quest for a healthy mane never ceases. One change we have noticed recently? Our focus has become less about how we salvage our split ends and more about…

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Rambling Through Parenthood – Four Month Test & Review

Theradome ™ Halfway Review. Vai Chin – Rambling Through Parenthood I have now been wearing Theradome two times a week, 20 minutes each time, for the last 4 months. I am pleased to report that I have noticed remarkable changes in my hair over this time. See for yourself. Where…

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All I Want For Christmas Is More Hair!

All I want for Christmas, is a full head of hair! Shaun Jones – The Swindonian Many of us sat back and ridiculed Wayne Rooney for his hair transplant treatment. Look how that has all died down! Wayne now pushes his Tesco trolley full of hair products to the till…

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