Posted on Nov 18, 2014, By WC, Location: Midlands, UK

“I have been using the laser helmet for nearly 5 months now and I have been very impressed with the progress so far. Whilst the best results are expected after 12 months, the appearance and growth of new hairs had been very encouraging and the overall thickness and density has definitely increased. I have noticed this myself in the mirror and others have also begin to comment on it, which I feel is the most truthful sign of improvement! Pictures taken with my Trichologist also confirm that the thickness and density has increased.

I used to receive laser treatment at a clinic some time ago but the fact that you can self-apply the helmet at home makes a huge difference to the convenience of treatment – no more trips to receive it! The price is also very reasonable when you compare it to receiving regular treatments at a clinic. And, of course, you actually own the helmet so you can keep on using it indefinitely.

If you are concerned about thinning hair or hair loss, but do not want to go down the route of surgery, then I would fully recommend the laser helmet as a great option to consider. I combined finasteride tablets around the same time as the laser helmet. However, I am advised that finasteride usually takes over 6 months to see a reduction in hair loss and longer to see an improvement in hair growth”

Before Theradome

Before Theradome™

after 5 months

After Five Months 

 After Eight Months

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