Theradome is an excellent Product. It certainly works. 5 Stars.

I did discover in too late in life… I was aged 70. Had I known about it when I first starting losing my hair I know it would show even better results. Certainly Theradome deserve great praise for applying the discovery of this laser technology to hair health and regeneration.

It took about 100 Treatments before I saw VISIBLE and REAL signs of improvement.

Previously I used a laser hair comb. This was probably good but the space it covered was so small at any one time! One must keep moving it along at 12 second intervals until the whole scalp is covered. I was never sure if I had covered all my scalp and I was continually moving my hand. How convenient with Theradome- pop it on your head and in 20 minutes (while watching the News) the Treatment is done with no need to worry “have I done this or that bit?” I got tired of using my one and long before discovering Theradome I put it in a cupboard where it still is gathering dust!

Another bonus is that Customer Care at Theradome GB is simply fantastic. I did something awfully silly with mine. Through painstaking and outstanding attention to client needs Sally-Ann got me back on my treatment regime. Nothing seems too much trouble to Theradome. This is very rare in present-day business practice.

Obviously it is a considered purchase. But the Theradome is a marvellous product with great backup care. Well done Theradome GB. Ad multos annos.

And I am so grateful too to the folk who have troubled to take time so as to share their wisdom with us on YouTube.

B.J.N.; Shefford, Bedfordshire.

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