.Theradome GB customer review

Before Theradome

Theradome GB customer review
After Five Months

Highly Recommended!

Customer Review by GS

“I am 30 years old and have been using the Theradome for 5 months now, I can say that I am astonished by the results. Before using the theradome I had increased thinning hair where I could see it in the bath and bald patchs started to show on my scalp it was very worrying. On the third month of using the Theradome the hair loss subsidized and completely stopped. My bald path in now less prominent and new hair regrowth has started to cover it up whereas the existing hair is now coming out even thicker than before. Close family and friends have also noticed that my hair now looks much more thicker and fuller. I definitely recommend the Theradome to anyone who is going through the hair thinning stage in life, it will definitely slow or stop it. Most of all it is very simple to use, you just press the button and pop it on your head and carry on with what ever it is you usually do, the 20 minutes counter also helps in keeping you informed as to how long is left, it is a very effective well thought of product. Highly recommended”.

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