The Theradome has been truly groundbreaking. I was a sceptic, but with my hair thinning at the the front and diffuse hair throughout my scalp, I thought that I may as well give it a go. It took to about 75 treatments for me to really notice the diffuse thickening at the back of my scalp, but shortly after my frontal area also filled in.

I attribute my hair growth to the theradome, eating clean and staying off foods that cause allergic inner inflamation – milk and chocolate. I also use biotin daily and the regenupure shampoo & conditioner as its chemical free. I also let my hair air dry and only blow dry when I’m heading out, or it needs to be in better shape for a meeting etc. After 75 uses i started applying minoxidl at night, every night & i believe the combo of LLLT (Theradome Helmet) and minoxidl is thickening my hair. It really is quite miraculous. I can go swimming again with my kids and I love looking in the mirror underneath those bathroom lights that always used to expose holes in my head. Guess what Theradome? No more holes in my head haha ! I will continue to use this

Mark Kay

Before Theradome
July 2014 Before Theradome

After 16 months
November 2015 After 16 Months

After 16 months of Theradome
 November 2015 after 16 Months

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