I found information regarding Theradome Helmet on the internet whilst looking for a  fix for hair loss and hair thinning.This was due to having had long and heavy hair extensions put in, and then to hide initial hair breakage and loss I had a second then third and final set.The latter left me with very sparse, short hair at back of neck, and original long hair at sides, I had to pull the remaing two sections to back of neck and pin or tie them there. What attracted me to Theradome initially was that it was for women.  Whilst my hair loss was actually self inflicted no alopecia or similar, I had still lost half an original head of thick long hair. I used it twice a week with a topical hair treatment which meant I always preceded treatment with a massage as advised.

My fine hair has thickened and whilst it has taken the normal time to grow, it has grown back from where it was ‘torn’ out.I no longer use the expensive topical nightly vial treatment.  I have continued with the helmet once a week.

I am trying to persuade my son to use it!

By Jacqueline, Glasgow

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