Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss – Signs, Symptoms and Causes

1. Excess Hair Lost in The Shower

Many women are not aware when hair loss first begins. Female hair loss can be a very slow and gradual process.

A small increase in hair lost the shower is often the first sign that something is not quite right. A large increase is certainly a sign that something is wrong. If you suddenly become of hair blocking the plug when you shower you should seek advice as to the cause. 

Hair loss in shower

2. Changes In Hair Appearance

Partings appear wider over time and light penetrates through the hair easily when styled.

When longer hair is tied up the scalp may appear more visible than it once was.

You may notice hair lost during the day when you touch or run your hands through your hair.

The ends of your hair seem to become wispy and thin even with regular hair cuts.

the first signs of hair loss



2. Establish The Pattern

Before investing in hair loss treatment, it is important to establish which type of hair loss you are suffering from.

Are clearly defined bald patches visible?

Is the hair loss confined to one particular area?

Do you have a general diffuse thinning?

Is the thinning more apparent at the top of the scalp than anywhere else?

Hair Loss patterns


Causes of Female Hair Loss


Hair Loss doctor and female patient

There are many causes of hair loss in women; diet, lifestyle, stress, health issues and genetic factors are to name just a few. To give your hair the best chance of recovery, we recommend you explore the cause of your hair loss and ensure your health is as well balanced as possible.

A well trained and experienced Trichologist may help you achieve this alongside using the Theradome®. At the very least we recommend all female hair loss sufferers visit their GP for Ferritin, B12 and Thyroid function tests and ensure that all tests are within the optimum range.

Theradome® has been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia in women. However, women with other forms of hair loss and thinning may also benefit from laser phototherapy treatment.

How do I determine if Theradome® is right for me?

The Theradome® laser helmet is designed to be used at any hair loss stage but the earlier it is used the better. There are several scales to help determine the stages in women’s hair loss. In female hair loss, the Savin Scale measures overall thinning and hair density. Compare your own hair to the charts to determine which stage of hair thinning you are closest to.


Savin Scale of Female hair loss

Theradome® and Pregnancy

Theradome® has not been tested for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, therefore we could not recommend it. Pregnancy is possibly one of the best  (temporary) hair growth stimulants and women often report thicker more lustrous hair due to pregnancy hormones, until shortly after birth when postpartum hair loss begins.

Postpartum hair loss occurs due to a rapid decrease in hormones after birth. Hair which did not enter its natural resting phase during pregnancy begins to fall around 2-3 months after birth. Although in many cases hair density recovers without needing treatment, many women report their hair is never the same after having children.

If your hair has not recovered after having children, Theradome® could be just what you’ve been waiting for to help you get your hair back.

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Theradome hair growth technology

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