How To Use Theradome


Our handy guide below outlines how to use Theradome via our step by step description and images. Follow each step and you will be using your Theradome device successfully in no time. 

How To Use Theradome

"Scientifically advanced but exceptionally user friendly" 
Watch our How To Use Theradome® user guide for a detailed overview or read our 7 easy steps below.

1. Charge It Up

Connect the micro USB cable to the compact UK plug. The top pin of the plug pushes up to fit the UK socket - note the word 'push'. Connect the other end to the helmet. Plug into a socket and leave for around three hours or until the light changes to dim green.  The battery cannot overcharge but there is no value to leaving it permanently plugged in. A full charge is sufficient to perform approximately 6-7 treatments.

2. Insert The Foam Pads

Insert the foam pads inside the side and back edges of Theradome® by first attaching the self adhesive velcro. The pads improve comfort significantly and we highly recommend you use them.  If you have a larger head, find it too tight with all three pads inserted, try using just the two side pads. Note: the long pad should be attached to the inside back; over the speaker, not at the front over the lasers!

3. Ensure Your Hair And Scalp Are Clean

The ideal time to use Theradome® is when your hair is freshly washed. It can be used on dry or towel dry hair. However, if you prefer to wash and style your hair in the morning and don't have time to use Theradome™ you can carry out your treatment later in the day providing you have not applied products to the scalp.

4. Put It On Your Head

Place Theradome® on your head with the button at the back. The front edge should be just about level with your eyebrows. Press the button the voice will speak the number of treatments carried out to date. You are free to read, watch TV, browse, answer emails or even cook while your hair follicles receive a therapeutic dose of light therapy.

5. Take It Off Your Head.

The voice will tell you when the treatment is finished and turn off the laser diodes automatically. The voice will also tell you how long your treatment session has left every 5 minutes. If you want to stop the treatment before the end of the session, take it off your head and the lasers will turn off. Press and hold the button to turn it off completely.

6. Put It back In The Case

Ideally store your Theradome® in the compact case it arrived in. Take the foam pads off when you put it in the case. Store the charger in the slot inside the case so that it does not get lost or damaged. One of the most frequent calls we get from customers is for replacement charging cables when someone in their household has stood on theirs. 

7. Store In A Place Where You Will Remember To Use It!

Theradome is a really clever product but it won't work for you if you do not use it consistently. We recommend using it a minimum of twice a week. Most of our customers who have obtained the best results have used it every other day until improvement is seen - then reduced to a maintenance of twice a week.

 8. Don't Forget to Register Your Warranty!

Once you have purchased and received your Theradome®, register at  for your 12 month Manufacturers warranty . If you have any issues with registration please contact Theradome GB directly.

Maintaining Your Theradome®

Cleaning: Simply wipe the inside and outside with a damp cloth to remove any oils or residue.  It is important to keep the inside clean as efficacy may be reduced if the inner clear section becomes dirty. We also stock Therawipes - disposable alcohol wipes convenient for ensuring the inside of your Theradome® is hygienically clean.

Theradome® Battery: Charge when Theradome® says 'warning battery low'. Theradome's battery is long lasting but as with any rechargeable device, the battery will need changing periodically (approximately 500 treatments). Change the battery when it will no longer hold enough charge to carry out two - three treatments. If this occurs within the warranty period - get in touch for a replacement battery.  We are also able to assist with replacement batteries after the warranty expires.

Charging Cable: Please check the health of your charging cable periodically. If at any point the cable appears to not fit tightly into the micro USB port or the helmet appears to not charge, replace the cable. During the warranty period we can send you a replacement at no charge. However, after the warranty period you can purchase a new charger here. Alternatively any micro USB data cable can be used including those used to charge a number of phones. 

Troubleshooting:   If you have any issues or concerns about your Theradome™ please don't hesitate to get in touch.  The following troubleshooting videos may also help you:


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