Rambling Through Parenthood – Getting Started with Theradome

I have recently been gaining a forehead. That is just a polite way of saying I am losing hair. It is falling off in clumps, in the shower, tangled in the detangler comb, stuck to the hair brush and randomly floating on bits of clothing and furniture. Not nice. Not nice at all.

Especially given that around four years ago when I fell pregnant, my hair felt like that of Rapunzel. The thick and shiny tresses lasted till about J was a year old. And then it began. Thinning, falling, tumbling hair, like leaves off a tree in autumn.

I didn’t actively seek treatment for my hair loss. I guess I was just hoping it would stop and I would at least go back to my pre-pregnant head of hair. Not as Rapunzelesque as during the pregnancy, but reasonably nice all the same. 

It so happened that I got chatting with Sally-Ann about Theradome. Simply put, it is a wearable laser therapy for hair loss. It is a helmet with in-built lasers of a certain wavelength that you wear on your head a couple of times a week. Switch it on and leave it to do its work for around 20 minutes while you read a book, watch TV or write your blog. The lasers in Theradome stimulate blood circulation to hair follicles to promote hair growth and stop hair falling out. It is US FDA approved for safety.

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