Bakes Books And My Boys – Introducing Theradome

Thinning hair is more common amongst women than perhaps you might think. When you consider how much hair is wrapped up in a women’s self-image I’m amazed it isn’t discussed more freely. Forty percent of people who experience thinning or hair loss are indeed us women. There are so many reasons for it and so many drugs on the market to solve it. But just imagine for a moment that you don’t have to take drugs or chemicals to get your thick locks back?

Well the latest drug and chemical free therapy has now arrived. The Theradome! An incredibly high-tech light weight helmet. With no need for anything extra than light the laser phototherapy floods the scalp with light to increase blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle. Side effects? ZERO! And that has been verified by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

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