Best New Trichologist Award

 ‘Best New Trichologist’ Award Sponsored by Theradome® at The ITC

Congratulations to Ebuni Ajiduah for winning the Best New Trichologist Award. Our consolations to the two runners up Angie Stocker and Nicky Cattel. You are all outstanding Trichologists but alas there is only one award!

We chose to sponsor this particular award for the second year. As Trichologists ourselves, we know that starting out in a new business is hard work. This is why we like to offer our support by also presenting the winner with a Theradome®  to use and show patients in the clinic.

We spoke to many from the hair industry at our Theradome stand. Thank you to all who stopped to speak to us and ask questions about the Theradome® PRO LH80 we hope the additional information was useful to you and your patients and we look forward to forging relation ships with you in the future.

For all of our newly qualified Trichologists we spoke to at the event, as Trichologists ourselves, please remember that we are happy to help in any aspect of Trichology and business, not just Theradome® .

Author: Sally-Ann Tarver

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