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Theradome Receives FDA Clearance

Theradome has received FDA clearance for its hair restoration device for men. The LH80 PRO Laser Helmet uses laser phototherapy to stimulate weak hair follicles and provide them with targeted laser energy. This improves the cellular metabolism and protein synthesis required to grow and maintain a healthy head of hair. …

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Best New Trichologist Award Sponsored by Theradome

Best New Trichologist Award

 ‘Best New Trichologist’ Award Sponsored by Theradome® at The ITC Congratulations to Ebuni Ajiduah for winning the Best New Trichologist Award. Our consolations to the two runners up Angie Stocker and Nicky Cattel. You are all outstanding Trichologists but alas there is only one award! We chose to sponsor this…

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Could a £750 helmet restore hair loss?

Hair loss treatment in men has been revolutionised following the development of transplant techniques and the launch of the prescription drug finasteride. But none of these is much help for the eight million women also affected. Finasteride isn’t licensed to treat female hair loss because it has been linked with…

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LH80 Pro Laser Helmet Wins

The Aesthetic Guide awarded Therdome LH80 Pro Laser Phototherapy Helmet with the Aesthetic Industry Award for Best Hair Restoration Device.  Developed by former NASA Biomedical engineer Tamim Hamid, who himself suffered from thinning hair, Theradome offers the world’s most advanced technology for ‘at home’ hair restoration that can be utilised…

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Theradome Wins Hollywood Award

Laser phototherapy firm Theradome has been awarded the Innovation Award at the fourth annual Hollywood Beauty Awards for its hair restoring Theradome LH80 Pro Laser Helmet. Theradome offers an advanced technology for ‘at home’ hair restoration, and was developed by former NASA Biomedical engineer and Theradome founder Tamim Hamid, who himself suffered from thinning…

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Boost Your Hair Volume

Thinning hair and hair volume can be a problem for some women post-menopause, but we have hints and tips on making the most of your hair in this week’s issue. If you’re really worried, do consult your GP in the first instance and it might be worth consulting a trichologist…

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Laser Your Way to Thicker Hair

A new gadget could be the solution to hair-loss pain While the most recent research shows that hair loss affects an estimated 8 million women in the UK, and more than half of all men suffer significant hair loss by the age of 50, there’s no need to despair if…

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Get Up to Scratch on Hair Loss!

The condition affects an estimated eight million women in the U.K. alone, and more than half of all men suffer significant hair loss by the age of 50. As August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, we wanted to, quite literally, get to the root of the problem, and see what…

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Here’s why your hair keeps falling out – and how to stop it happening!

You don’t necessarily need to panic… Whether you’ve recently pulled a fur-ball the size of Kanye’s ego out of your shower drain or simply noticed a bit more scalp showing in your up-do style, hair loss is something many women experience. In fact, it effects approximately 25 per cent of…

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10 tips for healthy wedding day hair

By making some simple lifestyle changes, you can enjoy happy and healthy hair on your big day, and if your hair is thinning here’s how to treat it! Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver reveals her secrets to getting hair looking thicker, glossier and back to its best. 1. Eat more protein Increasing…

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New Theradome Laser Device

The new Evo LH40 helmet from Theradome is said to be the equivalent of a clinical laser phototherapy machine US laser therapy firm Theradome has revealed a new device to help customers restore their thinning hair. Designed as a lightweight helmet, the new Evo LH40 product is the equivalent of…

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Why a scalp facial could be your answer to thinning hair

A study by Philip Kingsley found that over 1 in 5 women in the UK alone experience reduced hair volume and hair loss. And so the insatiable quest for a healthy mane never ceases. One change we have noticed recently? Our focus has become less about how we salvage our split ends and more about…

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New Laser Phototherapy Course

One of the first of its kind to educate medical and aesthetic practitioners in the UK Did you know? Hair loss affects millions of men and women worldwide each year. As many as one in four women will suffer the trauma of hair loss at some point in their lives…

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Androgenic Alopecia

The Lowdown On Hair Loss Treatments – Dependable Or Dupery? The pros weigh in on whether hair growth shampoo is brilliant or bogus. Between unwanted browser pop ups, the dodgy tube ads and the DIY cures peddled by Google, when it comes to hair loss, it can feel like there’s…

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Could Theradome put an End to Thinning Hair?

It is estimated that one in four women suffer from hair loss and over half of men suffer significant hair thinning before the age of 50 but thanks to the team at Theradome it could one day be a thing of the past. The Theradome LH80 Pro Laser Helmet, which…

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Trichologist – Sally-Ann Tarver To really understand the isssue and give you some comfort, read what Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver from The Cotswold Trichology Centre has to say: “Post-natal hair shedding is a normal part of having a baby and most women make a full recovery within 12 months. However, for some women their hair becomes increasingly thin over…

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Theradome home laser phototherapy

Sloan Feature on Home Laser Phototherapy

Hair loss affects an estimated 8 million women in the UK and more than half of all men suffer significant hair loss by the age of 50. Dealing with hair loss, whether it is just gradual thinning to loosing large clumps of hair over a short of period time can…

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Here’s what a trichologist wants you to know about female hair loss

Hair loss at any age can be difficult to process. Gradually you look less and less like the person you once knew; you might feel like 21 but your receding hairline tells another story. However hard it can be for blokes though, it’s far worse for women. Male baldness is…

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Rambling Through Parenthood – Four Month Test & Review

Theradome ™ Halfway Review. Vai Chin – Rambling Through Parenthood I have now been wearing Theradome two times a week, 20 minutes each time, for the last 4 months. I am pleased to report that I have noticed remarkable changes in my hair over this time. See for yourself. Where…

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The truly disgusting reason why you should never sleep with wet hair ever again

FOR most of us washing our hair before bed is a given. There’s nothing like hopping into a warm shower, massaging your tresses and hitting the hay straight away. Plus, who can be bothered to wash and blow-dry their hair before the sun comes up? However, you might want to…

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