Expert Tips – How to keep your hair looking glossy and gorgeous during the party season!

This party season whether you’re rocking edgy slicked back locks or sweeping your hair into an elegant chignon, a great hair-care routine will ensure your tresses stay glossy and gorgeous. Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver shares her top tips for getting perfect party hair…

Make sure to eat enough protein

Protein deficiency can cause slow growing, fine, dull and brittle hair. It’s essential to get at least 45 grams of complete protein a day – but as your body can only absorb 24 grams in one sitting, make sure to include some in each meal rather than trying to eat a big portion in one go.

Avoid using hair straighteners

Heat damage from straighteners is caused by pockets of moisture trapped in the hairshaft, turning into trapped steam which created holes in the cuticle known as ‘Bubble Hair Syndrome’. This causes weak areas to form, leading to breakage and split ends. To prevent heat damage, try to limit your use of straighteners – if you have to use them, set them to their lowest heat and never use them on damp hair.

Get the right vitamins

Nutritional deficiencies such as low iron, B12 or Vitamin D not only slow down hair growth, they can cause hair thinning as well. Don’t break the budget on expensive hair and nail supplements – these will only help your hair’s health if you’re replacing a nutrient you’re lacking in. Instead, buy individual vitamins that you are deficient in – if you’re unsure, visit your GP.

Condition, condition, condition

Using intensive conditioning masks once a week will help frizzy or dry locks, but it won’t necessarily mend or strengthen hair that’s already disintegrating. One of the best solutions is to trim the ends at least every three months to keep your locks in good condition and cut the damaged portions off.

Maintain hair health as best as you can

Laser Phototherapy stimulates blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles and helps to produce stronger, healthier, faster growing hair.

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Article Credit: Sally-Ann Tarver for Hello Magazine

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