Space Age to Beat Baldness: Health Gadgets just got Madder than Ever!

Theradome, £749, from

This helmet emits light from 80 lasers which are thought to stimulate hair follicle growth, as a treatment for hair loss. It won’t cure baldness, but promises to make the hair you’ve got thicker and healthier. It’s designed to be worn for 20 minutes, two to four times a week.

EXPERT VERDICT: ‘Lab studies have shown that light stimulates hair cells to grow, but there hasn’t been substantial evidence for efficacy in humans,’ says Greg Williams, a consultant hair transplant surgeon at the Farjo Hair Institute in London.

‘Placebo studies have shown a benefit without actually using light therapy, so it is difficult to know whether it’s just positive thought that stimulates hair growth, particularly when factors such as stress influence hair loss.

‘But I do believe it is potentially beneficial. Theradome’s lasers fall within one of the wavelengths that has been shown in lab research to have a positive effect on hair follicles. You’d have to use this for as long as you want to benefit, as it is not treating the cause of hair loss, which is likely to be a hormonal or genetic issue.’

Article credit: Jinan Harb – An independent review for the Daily Mail

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