Could a £750 helmet restore hair loss?

Hair loss treatment in men has been revolutionised following the development of transplant techniques and the launch of the prescription drug finasteride.

But none of these is much help for the eight million women also affected.

Finasteride isn’t licensed to treat female hair loss because it has been linked with birth defects when taken during pregnancy.

And hair transplants tend to be performed only on men, as treating the smaller hairline areas in which males generally recede is much easier than treating the overall scalp shedding more commonly experienced by women.

So can any DIY products help with female hair loss instead? We asked Dr Sharon Wong, a consultant dermatologist who specialises in hair loss at London Bridge Hospital, to review the Theradome LH80 PRO Laser Helmet.


£749, theradome

CLAIM: This has 80 lasers, making it as powerful as devices used in hair loss clinics, it is claimed. Use the helmet for 20 minutes twice a week.

EXPERT VERDICT: Like the comb (see above), this is another example of low-level laser therapy. However, it is far more powerful than many other devices that emit red laser light. That’s because this product uses medical-grade lasers that emit a therapeutic wavelength of red light.

As a helmet, it can conveniently treat the whole scalp for people with hair loss all over. The main downside is its cost, but, compared with going to hair clinics for a similar treatment — costing £40 to £100 per time — it would probably save money in the long run if it works for you. 8/10

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Article Credit: Caroline Jones – Daily Mail

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