Low Level Laser Training Course

Theradome® Introduce Online Low Level Laser Training Course For Medical & Aesthetics

Did you know? Hair loss affects millions of men and women worldwide each year. As many as one in four women will suffer the trauma of hair loss at some point in their lives and over fifty percent of men by the time they are forty. Laser Phototherapy is a renowned, effective and powerful hair regrowth treatment used in hair loss clinics worldwide. However, until recently there have been no academic training courses available for medical and aesthetics practitioners in the UK.

Studying the science of laser phototherapy is a vital for any medical hair loss specialist or Aesthetics practitioner involved in hair loss treatment. Laser phototherapy can back-up the action of other treatments offered by Aesthetic clinics such as platelet rich plasma therapy and prolong their effects. It is also recommended by many hair restoration surgeons to promote accelerated healing for transplant patients.

Recognising the educational gap within the professional hair loss industry, Theradome® has launched an online low level laser training course.

The course is set to educate medical and aesthetic practitioners in the following aspects of laser phototherapy and the treatment of hair loss:

The Theradome® Online Diploma Course in Laser Phototherapy will cover the following training topics:

  • Section 1: The History of Lasers
  • Section 2: The Many Ways Lasers are Used
  • Section 3: How and Why Lasers Work to Assist Hair Growth
  • Section 4: Identify the Benefits of Laser Phototherapy Technologies
  • Section 5: Determine How Lasers are Currently Administered
  • Section 6: An Overview of the Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women
  • Section 7: Other Hair Loss Treatments and Devices on the Market that can Benefit Hair Loss Suffers and the Pros and Cons of Each.
  • Assessment.

Sally-Ann Tarver of Theradome GB who also has over 20 year’s industry expertise as a leading Trichologist said. “We are so excited to be offering this course to hair loss and aesthetics industry professionals! It’s one of the first courses of its kind available and will be paramount in educating individuals on the scientific benefits of laser phototherapy treatment.”

For more information on how to access the laser phototherapy diploma course, simply email Theradome® GB via the following address: support@theradomeforhairloss.co.uk