The Sun – We Test Hair Growth Helmet



Published Tuesday 15th May 2015, Written By Lucy Gardner.

NASA has a new enterprise that’s more star tech than Star Trek - it’s invented a hair growth HELMET.The futuristic gizmo might look more Starship Trooper but it is going to be very gratefully received.

Millions of women and up to half of UK men experience hair loss by the age of 50.

The helmet – The Theradome – is designed to get blood flowing back to the scalp and to zap hair follicles.Suzanne Clarke – Gardner, 42, was desperate to try it after suffering hair loss.

It achieved incredible results with almost half her hair re-growing.

Theradome GB customer review“I noticed a difference within two months”
The Army medic, from Coventry, had tried every lotion and potion going f
or hair loss but nothing had worked and since 2010 her condition had worsened. So we asked her to try the £649 Theradome (pictured) which is the first laser hair therapy you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Although it is pricey the only other treatment available is visiting a laser clinic which means forking out £3,000 for a six – month course.

Suzanne wore the helmet while cooking or ironing - initially for the recommended 20 minutes every other day. Suzanne says: “After a couple of months of using the helmet I could no longer feel my scalp when I ran my hands through my hair.” Previous treatments had included taking supplements after blood tests showed she was low in the iron storage protein ferritin and vitamin B. This was resulting in the lack of hair growth. Initially Suzanne had new hair growth but, after 6 months it stopped.After Theradome

Suzanne says: “The helmet was different.   This time the progress didn’t stop. Within the first two months I noticed a difference. Once it hit the six months mark I could really see a big difference. My hair looked around 40 per cent thicker at the roots and was really filling out. It now needs to grow in length to catch up but I’m convinced it will. I am totally amazed at the results.”