Theradome EVO LH40 – New Theradome Laser Device

The new EVO LH40 helmet from Theradome is said to be the equivalent of a clinical laser phototherapy machine

US laser therapy firm Theradome has revealed a new device to help customers restore their thinning hair.

Designed as a lightweight helmet, the new Evo LH40 product is the equivalent of a clinical laser phototherapy machine that can be used at home.

Its 40 lasers work by flooding the scalp with light at a specific wavelength to increase blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen at the hair follicle.

The laser will then penetrate the hair shaft to repair damaged tissue and reawaken dormant hair follicles.

Meanwhile, inside it uses detachable foam pads for comfort.

Commenting on the new device, Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver said: “I am thrilled that we are able to offer a new hair treatment device to UK hair loss sufferers.

“I see many people in my clinic who are devastated by their experience of hair loss.

The New Theradome Evo LH40 laser phototherapy helmet is a fantastic affordable at-home treatment.”

The device features a one-touch button function and guides customers with a voice command function and can be charged using a USB port.

Theradome recommends using the product four times a week for 20 minutes.

Article Credit: Becky Bargh

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