Why a scalp facial could be your answer to thinning hair

A study by Philip Kingsley found that over 1 in 5 women in the UK alone experience reduced hair volume and thinning hair. And so the insatiable quest for a healthy mane never ceases. One change we have noticed recently? Our focus has become less about how we salvage our split ends and more about how we deal with the root cause – no pun intended. 

So when news that ‘head spa treatments’ that focus primarily on scalp health gradually made their way from Japan to western shores, it’s no wonder that our ears perked. LA salons were the first to adopt the technique, with offerings from Blow Me Away organic hair salon and Koji Toyoda. And now head spa treatments – or scalp facials as they’re otherwise known – have began cropping up in the UK with increasingly more momentum.

So why are these scalp-focused treatments gaining so much popularity when it comes to hair thinning in particular and how does it help with this issue? Firstly, we’re starting to catch on to the idea that many of our beloved shampoos and serums contain silicones that can damage and even thin hair.

Some ingredients in our favourite haircare products can silently damage hair

Renowned hairdresser and founder of  3 More Inches Michael Van Clarke explains,”silicones stick and build up on the hair shaft and onto the scalp – sinking down into the hair follicle causing build up and blockages,” which can in turn stunt growth and lead to thinning. Intensive scalp treatments and hair facials remove this nasty build up and restore hair which, in time, can help with hair thinning.

Pollution is also prompting the rise in scalp facials 

In the same way that silicones block the hair follicle, pollution and environmental aggressors can have the same effect. Trichologist Anabel Kingsley states the importance of exercising an “all-encompassing holistic approach when treating hair thinning,” and that you should “think of your hair and scalp-care regime in a similar way to your skin-care routine. You take them to the same places and they are subject to the same environmental assaults”.

Why we should treat our scalp as well as our skin 

With this in mind, the scalp should be detoxed and nourished with active ingredients in the same way the skin is to ensure optimum scalp health and minimum damage caused by pollution and other daily stresses.  Anabel Kingsley suggests that the scalp requires more attention than the skin due to the nature of hair cells:  “unlike skin cells, hair cells do not regenerate themselves once past scalp level, so once the cuticle is gone, it’s gone – and this makes the minimization of daily wear and tear very important,” says Kingsley.

Head spas offer a remedy to these daily aggressors that are potentially thinning your hair by incorporating cleansing, detoxing and nourishing ingredients for the scalp whilst encouraging blood circulation that promotes hair growth. 

Three of the best scalp facials to slow down thinning hair 

Hair Spa Treatment, consultation from £325 and £90 for treatment, Philip Kingsley

Best for: promoting healthy hair growth 

Following an in depth consultation on nutrition, stress management and a hair and scalp examination by an experienced Trichotherapist, a targeted mask is applied to address areas of concern raised in the consultation. For dandruff, Philip Kingsley’s Trichotherapy® Exfoliating Scalp Mask containing anti-inflammatory Zinc to reduce oil is applied to balance the skin flora to remove flakes and calm any irritation. Kingsley’s Elasticizer is then applied as an intensive moisture treatment before the hair and scalp are steamed for 15 minutes, along with Infra-Red lamps to encourage maximum absorption of each product into the hair follicle. Finally the scalp and neck are massaged for an ultimate soothing and calming experience, followed by a blow dry. 

Hair Spa Treatment, £55, Daniel Galvin Hair and Scalp Clinic

Best for: Dry, itchy scalps 

Director at Daniel Galvin David Felstead devised the Hair Spa treatment after seeing an increase in clients of his with sensitive and neglected scalps. His treatment is built as a three stage process where the scalp is cleansed with Kérastase’s Masquargil clay mask containing moringa and kaolin which purifies the hair and scalp to detoxify scalp and pores from sweat and dirt, followed by Kérastase’s Bain Preventionfor thinning hair which is applied to the scalp using a Clarisonic brush to lift dead hair cells. The scalp and hair shaft are then moisturised to add softness and shine. 

Fusio Scrub, starting at just £5, Kérastase

Best for:sensitive scalps and soothing and detoxing 

The newest offering from Kérestase’s hair spa-inspired treatments and described as a “facial for the scalp”, this cleansing treatment offers a personalised blend of healing essential oils, such as peppermint to calm the mind and scalp, along with gentle exfoliating scrubs. Designed to replace the shampooing stage, a choice of two scrubs are applied to the scalp. Depending on scalp condition, this would either be a gel based scrub mixed with soothing jojoba oil to detoxify and add shine, or a sea salt scrub to remove pollution particles and excess sebum. These sea salt scrub removes three times more pollution particles than normal shampoo alone and also lift the roots, which is a great bonus for adding volume to thinning hair. 

Best at-home products for thinning hair:

Revitalising Fortifying Scalp Serum, £135.00, Sisley

To revive dull and lacklustre hair, this serum contains sage extract to purify the hair, pro vitamin B5 to improve hair vitality, and vitamin peptide to improve hair density. 

Exfoliating Weekly Scalp Mask, £19, Philip Kingsley

Great for clearing the scalp, Kingsley’s mask contains zinc to remove excess sebum and aloe vera and menthol to soothe the scalp. This is ideal for oily scalps and hair that is washed every three days or less.

LH80 PRO, £749, Theradome®

If you want to take your at-home treatments to the next level and you have the budget, Consultant Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver from The Cotswold Trichology Centre suggests Laser Phototherapy. She recommends Theradome® an alternative to lotions and hair vitamins that floods the scalp with photonic (light) energy to stimulate hair follicles, promote healthy hair growth and improve thinning hair .


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