Replacement Theradome Battery


Lithium Ion Theradome Battery with correct wires attached to connect to the circuit board. We send with instructions on how to change it correctly. Batteries are guaranteed for 12 months.

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Official Replacement Theradome Battery

If your Theradome has stopped working or is only lasting for one treatment, it is quite likely you need to replace the battery. Theradome GB are one of very few suppliers of the official Theradome battery in Europe.

The Lithium Ion battery comes complete with Theradome connection clip and wires attached. It is not possible to fit a standard battery to your helmet. We include instructions on how to change the battery correctly. Batteries are guaranteed for minimum of 12 months.

If you should purchase a replacement battery and find it does not rectify your Theradome, we are happy to give a refund (minus postage) on return. We are also able to fault diagnose and in many cases offer a repair solution if changing the battery is not the issue. Please get in touch if you need fault diagnosis or servicing.

We do not ship batteries outside of Europe. If you live outside of Europe, particularly the US, please contact the manufacturer for batteries, chargers, troubleshooting and repairs.

How to Change a Theradome Battery

Step 1: Make sure your helmet is disconnected from the charger.

Step 2: On the rear of the helmet, you’ll locate two screws that fasten the battery door. Remove them with a Phillips screwdriver and set aside in a safe place.

Step 3: Carefully remove the battery door from your helmet. You’ll see the battery is attached to the helmet via two wires and a plastic connector. Disconnect them by pinching the wires on the base of the connector and pulling the wires out gently. Slide the battery out and set aside.

Step 4: Connect the new battery to the connector. Make sure the two connector ridges are facing outwards. Slide the battery connector into the board connector and place the battery inside.

Step 5: Once the new battery is plugged in, the helmet will say “system error” and the master switch light will flash red. To get out of this mode, you will need to press the master switch one second and helmet will say “system resume.”

Step 6: Reinstall the battery door. Take care not to pinch the wires between the shell and battery more. Your battery replacement is completed, fully charge the helmet before using.

Step 7: Recycle old battery.

If your Theradome is still not functioning correctly after replacing and charging please contact us for troubleshooting or possible repair.

You can watch how to replace a Theradome Battery here too.


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