Theradome Charger – Micro USB Data Cable

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Official Theradome Micro USB cable.


Theradome Charger – Micro USB Data Cable.

If you’re having issues with charging your Theradome or the light flashes on and off when plugging in replace the Theradome charging cable.

We have taken the decision to stop importing replacement plug and cable combination packs for the Theradome PRO and EVO. We now only supply the replacement Micro USB data cable as this is the part that commonly wears out or can become damaged through improper use.

Our decision was largely environmental, to reduce waste and landfill. Every household has a compatible USB plugs or Multi USB charging device, many households now have USB wall sockets, these are all compatible to charge your Theradome.

Using a good quality Micro USB cable is very important and using poor quality or worn out cables to charge your Theradome can lead to damage or ineffective battery charging.

If replacing your charging cable does not rectify your Theradome issue please get in touch via the contact page.


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