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New Theradome Laser Device

The new Evo LH40 helmet from Theradome is said to be the equivalent of a clinical laser phototherapy machine US laser therapy firm Theradome has revealed a new device to help customers restore their thinning hair. Designed as a lightweight helmet, the new Evo LH40 product is the equivalent of…

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Why a scalp facial could be your answer to thinning hair

A study by Philip Kingsley found that over 1 in 5 women in the UK alone experience reduced hair volume and hair loss. And so the insatiable quest for a healthy mane never ceases. One change we have noticed recently? Our focus has become less about how we salvage our split ends and more about…

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Theradome Wins Hollywood Award

Laser phototherapy firm Theradome has been awarded the Innovation Award at the fourth annual Hollywood Beauty Awards for its hair restoring Theradome LH80 Pro Laser Helmet. Theradome offers an advanced technology for ‘at home’ hair restoration, and was developed by former NASA Biomedical engineer and Theradome founder Tamim Hamid, who himself suffered from thinning…

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The truly disgusting reason why you should never sleep with wet hair ever again

FOR most of us washing our hair before bed is a given. There’s nothing like hopping into a warm shower, massaging your tresses and hitting the hay straight away. Plus, who can be bothered to wash and blow-dry their hair before the sun comes up? However, you might want to…

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Best Shampoo for Hair Loss – if You’re Worried About Thinning and Seek Volume

Thinning hair, beware… As women, we associate a full head of glossy hair with our femininity, we work the best hair oil into our locks in the hope that our hair will be the shiniest. But hair loss issues are on the rise, and in a culture that follows the mantra, the…

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All I Want For Christmas Is More Hair!

All I want for Christmas, is a full head of hair! Shaun Jones – The Swindonian Many of us sat back and ridiculed Wayne Rooney for his hair transplant treatment. Look how that has all died down! Wayne now pushes his Tesco trolley full of hair products to the till…

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The Daily Mail – The helmet that can cure BALDNESS

The Daily Mail – The helmet that can cure BALDNESS: $800 headgear uses lasers on the scalp to stimulate hair growth and thicknessA firm in California created the helmet that fires cool lasers at the scalpThese lasers target follicles and stimulate hair growth and developmentTheradome’s helmet is said to be…

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Best New Trichologist Award Sponsored by Theradome

Best New Trichologist Award

 ‘Best New Trichologist’ Award Sponsored by Theradome® at The ITC Congratulations to Ebuni Ajiduah for winning the Best New Trichologist Award. Our consolations to the two runners up Angie Stocker and Nicky Cattel. You are all outstanding Trichologists but alas there is only one award! We chose to sponsor this…

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Androgenic Alopecia

The Lowdown On Hair Loss Treatments – Dependable Or Dupery? The pros weigh in on whether hair growth shampoo is brilliant or bogus. Between unwanted browser pop ups, the dodgy tube ads and the DIY cures peddled by Google, when it comes to hair loss, it can feel like there’s…

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Theradome home laser phototherapy

Sloan Feature on Home Laser Phototherapy

Hair loss affects an estimated 8 million women in the UK and more than half of all men suffer significant hair loss by the age of 50. Dealing with hair loss, whether it is just gradual thinning to loosing large clumps of hair over a short of period time can…

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Would you wear this to prevent going BALD? Experts create LASER solution!

THE FEAR of thinning on top is all-too-familiar for many men and women. A thick and full head of tresses is a much-valued asset, with 30 per cent of British men thinking about losing their hair at least once a day. Balding has been linked to low self-esteem, anxiety and…

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Space Age to Beat Baldness: Health Gadgets just got Madder than Ever!

Theradome, £749, from theradomeforhairloss.co.uk This helmet emits light from 80 lasers which are thought to stimulate hair follicle growth, as a treatment for hair loss. It won’t cure baldness, but promises to make the hair you’ve got thicker and healthier. It’s designed to be worn for 20 minutes, two to…

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From Popping Pills To Lasers

From popping pills to lasers and injecting your own blood… FIVE ways to banish baldnessFive people have shared their hair loss experiences and how it was treatedKenneth Soh was prescribed pills to halt hair thinning and says it workedLow-level laser therapy helped Veronica O’Dwyer’s female pattern hair lossHarriet Costello, 21,…

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Huffington Post – New Helmet Claims To Cure Hair Loss In Women

The Huffington Post:New Helmet Claims To Cure Hair Loss In Women Baldness is often associated with ageing men, but across the world there are thousands of women also suffering from hair loss. With this in mind a company in California have come up with a new hair-loss solution specifically designed for women-…

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