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Why a scalp facial could be your answer to thinning hair

A study by Philip Kingsley found that over 1 in 5 women in the UK alone experience reduced hair volume and hair loss. And so the insatiable quest for a healthy mane never ceases. One change we have noticed recently? Our focus has become less about how we salvage our split ends and more about…

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Here’s why your hair keeps falling out – and how to stop it happening!

You don’t necessarily need to panic… Whether you’ve recently pulled a fur-ball the size of Kanye’s ego out of your shower drain or simply noticed a bit more scalp showing in your up-do style, hair loss is something many women experience. In fact, it effects approximately 25 per cent of…

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Could a £750 helmet REALLY restore thinning hair? The headset that claims to use 80 lasers to treat hair loss!

Hair loss treatment in men has been revolutionised following the development of transplant techniques and the launch of the prescription drug finasteride. But none of these is much help for the eight million women also affected. Finasteride isn’t licensed to treat female hair loss because it has been linked with…

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