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Test and Review – Rambling Through Parenthood

Theradome® Halfway Review.

Vai Chin – Rambling Through Parenthood

For this test and review I have now been wearing Theradome two times a week, 20 minutes each time, for the last 4 months. I am pleased to report that I have noticed remarkable changes in my hair over this time. See for yourself. Where there were significant bald patches towards the front of my head just a few months ago, I now have dense hair!

When I say dense, please do not expect something as unrealistic as advertisements on TV. I am talking a sensible amount of hair, enough to give me the confidence to wear my hair any way I want. I no longer have to think about parting it a certain way or tying it a certain way, because there are no bald patches to cover up any more.

By the way, the greys you see have nothing to do with Theradome. It is just me being lazy about touching up my roots. And proof that I have not tampered with the photographic evidence.

It means Theradome works! It is doing what it promised to do, which is reverse hair loss and help hair growth. I wasn’t sure it would when I started using it. Let’s be honest, I had never heard of it. Sally-Ann reassured me about its safety, allaying my concerns of using lasers on my head. She explained that these were surface lasers that would not penetrate beyond stimulating my hair follicles. Read more about the test and review at Vai’s Blog here.