Testimonial Video

Real Results Video Showcase

Theradome has helped millions of hair loss suffers on their journey to hair restoration. Our testimonial video showcase provides real people with real results. The sooner Theradome laser phototherapy treatment commences, the better results you can achieve.

Lorenzo – Testimonial Video 1

Lorenzo didn’t think he would ever lose his hair. He didn’t want to look in the mirror anymore, even when brushing his hair. He heard about Theradome and the advanced technology available to him. His confidence has been built, his hair is coming back.

Matthew – Testimonial Video 2

Matthew wasn’t expecting to lose his hair at such a young age. Suddenly he couldn’t go out in the wind or rain without losing hair. His whole life was tipped up-side-down. Now he doesn’t need to worry about anything thanks to Theradome. Matthew would recommend Theradome to people who have tried everything!

Eric – Testimonial Video 3

Eric didn’t think he would experience hair loss, so when hair loss occurred in his mid-twenties he knew he needed to do something about it. He tried Theradome and couldn’t believe the results, he experienced thicker, fuller hair regrowth. He thinks when you witness the results that can occur, you are going to want a Theradome for yourself.

Sabra – Testimonial Video 3

Sabra was so depressed about her hair loss that she contemplated suicide. She had tried every treatment available to her including painful injections into the scalp. Nothing was working and she thought she had exhausted all hope. Then she found Theradome!

Mike – Testimonial Video 5

Mike was experiencing genetic early on-set hair loss. His friend’s used to joke he should shave all of his remaining hair off and be ‘done with it.’ However, Mike didn’t give up seeking treatment and now thanks to Theradome he is already experiencing results.