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“The Theradome has been truly groundbreaking. I was a sceptic, but with my hair thinning at the the front and diffuse hair throughout my scalp, I thought that I may as well give it a go. It took to about 75 treatments for me to really notice the diffuse thickening at the back of my scalp, but shortly after my frontal area also filled in. I attribute my hair growth to the theradome, eating clean and staying off foods that cause allergic inner inflamation – milk and chocolate. I also use biotin daily and the regenupure shampoo & conditioner as its chemical free. I also let my hair air dry and only blow dry when I’m heading out, or it needs to be in better shape for a meeting etc.

After 75 uses i started applying minoxidl at night, every night & i believe the combo of LLLT (Theradome Helmet) and minoxidl is thickening my hair. It really is quite miraculous. I can go swimming again with my kids and I love looking in the mirror underneath those bathroom lights that always used to expose holes in my head. Guess what Theradome? No more holes in my head haha ! I will continue to use this”

By Mark Kay

“I found information regarding Theradome Helmet on the internet whilst looking for a fix for hair loss and hair thinning.This was due to having had long and heavy hair extensions put in, and then to hide initial hair breakage and loss I had a second then third and final set.The latter left me with very sparse, short hair at back of neck, and original long hair at sides, I had to pull the remaining two sections to back of neck and pin or tie them there. What attracted me to Theradome initially was that it was for women.

Whilst my hair loss was actually self inflicted no alopecia or similar, I had still lost half an original head of thick long hair. I used it twice a week with a topical hair treatment which meant I always preceded treatment with a massage as advised. My fine hair has thickened and whilst it has taken the normal time to grow, it has grown back from where it was ‘torn’ out.I no longer use the expensive topical nightly vial treatment. I have continued with the helmet once a week. I am trying to persuade my son to use it!”

By Jacqueline (Glasgow)

“I had suffered with thinning hair and hair loss for over twenty years, doctors told me there was nothing I could do. I looked on websites, tried various lotions, potions and tablets nothing worked. I then found Sally-Ann Tarver’s website and booked an appointment straight away, that appointment changed my life and gave me hope something could be done. After taking Sally’s advice my hair improved 25%.

A few months later Sally made contact advising me of the Theradome cap, I must admit I was sceptical, but after speaking to my husband he was straight on the phone ordering me a cap as he knew how my hair had effected me. After 4 months of using the cap my husband said he noticed in the crown of my hair he could see dark stubble, I was so excited. Sally and this product have returned my confidence I’m a lot happier and confident about my hair than I have been for a very long time.”

by Karen Ward

“Theradome is an excellent Product. It certainly works. 5 Stars. I did discover in too late in life… I was aged 70. Had I known about it when I first starting losing my hair I know it would show even better results. Certainly Theradome deserve great praise for applying the discovery of this laser technology to hair health and regeneration. It took about 100 Treatments before I saw VISIBLE and REAL signs of improvement. Previously I used a laser hair comb. This was probably good but the space it covered was so small at any one time! One must keep moving it along at 12 second intervals until the whole scalp is covered. I was never sure if I had covered all my scalp and I was continually moving my hand. How convenient with Theradome- pop it on your head and in 20 minutes (while watching the News) the Treatment is done with no need to worry “have I done this or that bit?”

I got tired of using my one and long before discovering Theradome I put it in a cupboard where it still is gathering dust! Another bonus is that Customer Care at Theradome GB is simply fantastic. I did something awfully silly with mine. Through painstaking and outstanding attention to client needs Sally-Ann got me back on my treatment regime. Nothing seems too much trouble to Theradome. This is very rare in present-day business practice. Obviously it is a considered purchase. But the Theradome is a marvelous product with great backup care. Well done Theradome GB. Ad multos annos. And I am so grateful too to the folk who have troubled to take time so as to share their wisdom with us on YouTube.”

by B.J.N. Shefford, (Bedfordshire).

“I began using the Theradome laser helmet in October 2014, having consulted the Cotswold Trichology Clinic during the previous 18 months because of thinning hair, particularly on the top of my head . It is easy to use and is comfortable to wear, gives a slight warm feeling but otherwise no physical effects. I returned to the Clinic in March 2015 and we compared my hair condition with photographs taken at the beginning of the treatment. There is definite improvement in the condition of my hair and I’m told there is some regrowth. I’m looking forward to more improvement as the months progress.”

by Mrs H (Herefordshire)

“I was getting really depressed about my thinning hair as I had tried everything and nothing was making much difference until i got my Theradome. I was little dubious but after just a few months I noticed I could no longer feel my scalp when I ran my fingers through my hair. 7 months on I have a lot more hair and loads of new hair growing through. It couldn’t be easier to use, as I am a nurse and get in from work late and all I need to do is pop on my Theradome for 20 mins while I get on with cooking my tea. I am delighted with the results so much so I have recommended it to my friends. My hairdresser was so impressed with the difference in my hair she asked for the details about the Theradome to give to one of her clients. I would definitely recommend the Theradome it really works and is so easy to use.”

by S.G.C

“I am 30 years old and have been using the Theradome for 5 months now, I can say that I am astonished by the results. Before using the theradome I had increased thinning hair where I could see it in the bath and bald patchs started to show on my scalp it was very worrying. On the third month of using the Theradome the hair loss subsidized and completely stopped. My bald path in now less prominent and new hair regrowth has started to cover it up whereas the existing hair is now coming out even thicker than before. Close family and friends have also noticed that my hair now looks much more thicker and fuller. I definitely recommend the Theradome to anyone who is going through the hair thinning stage in life, it will definitely slow or stop it. Most of all it is very simple to use, you just press the button and pop it on your head and carry on with what ever it is you usually do, the 20 minutes counter also helps in keeping you informed as to how long is left, it is a very effective well thought of product. Highly recommended.”

by G.S.

“I have been using the laser helmet for nearly 5 months now and I have been very impressed with the progress so far. Whilst the best results are expected after 12 months, the appearance and growth of new hairs had been very encouraging and the overall thickness and density has definitely increased. I have noticed this myself in the mirror and others have also begin to comment on it, which I feel is the most truthful sign of improvement! Pictures taken with my Trichologist also confirm that the thickness and density has increased.

I used to receive laser treatment at a clinic some time ago but the fact that you can self-apply the helmet at home makes a huge difference to the convenience of treatment – no more trips to receive it! The price is also very reasonable when you compare it to receiving regular treatments at a clinic. And, of course, you actually own the helmet so you can keep on using it indefinitely. If you are concerned about thinning hair or hair loss, but do not want to go down the route of surgery, then I would fully recommend the laser helmet as a great option to consider. I combined finasteride tablets around the same time as the laser helmet. However, I am advised that finasteride usually takes over 6 months to see a reduction in hair loss and longer to see an improvement in hair growth.”

by W.C. (Midlands)

“In my mid 30’s I started develop the all common “widow’s peak hairline” and general thinning of my hair all round. (expect at the sides- which seemed to grow at a ridiculous rate). At the age of 40 I decided to do something about it. I looked into a Hair-Transplant & Medication, however I decided that it was not for me at this stage. This then led me to research other methods of all round better Hair-Health and hopeful re-growth. It was then that I found a Laser Hair Comb which I used for some 6 months, at which point I did start to notice an distinct improvement in density of hair. Hence led to thinking about how I can increase the number of lasers within the treatment; which is how I discovered the Theradome.

Wow what a product!!! I have seen Real and Solid result from the Theradome. – Complete Cessation of the creeping baldness/reduction of hairline – Huge increase in Hair Density within current hairline – This is has been big plus for me personally- the dramatic increase in hair density within my current hair-line has been very high. So much so that it has allowed me to change my hairstyle. (allowing to fill-in the bald patches as result of Widow’s peak) – It has provided more hair to work with, within my current hairline – Far better than a Laser Comb- With the Theradome, the area of coverage is far greater and you don’t have to move the product around your head. You just pop the helmet on and go about your day. (watching TV, Reading, Emails/Work etc).

Please note- I have not personally seen the re-development of my windows peak hairline- (others may experience this of course) I have also used the product religiously 3 times per week for over 2 years I noticed an improvement after 6 months- and then a dramatic improvement over 12-18 months So it does take patience and commitment But it pays off!!! I’m now up my 337th treatment- which has cost me just £2.20 pence per treatment. Finally the customer service offered has been exceptional- the level of aftercare and customer contact is excellent”

By Anon