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Theradome® Laser Phototherapy Hair Regrowth Science


How Does Theradome® Laser Phototherapy Help Hair Growth?

Theradome® laser hair growth science merges four revolutionary principles; effective cold lasers, 680 nm powerful red light, optimal energy dosage and maximum therapy. Unlike Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), only laser devices produce coherent, aligned, synchronised light waves. This is why our Laser Phototherapy device has 80 red lasers. Making the Theradome® LH80 PRO laser helmet as powerful as clinical Laser Phototherapy devices.

Coherent laser light is able to successfully penetrate the scalp to 3-5 mm, in order to reach the follicle base. LED’s are unable to penetrate to this depth which is why they are ineffective for hair loss treatment.

Our proprietary cold lasers stimulate the hair cell mitochondria to produce energy and effectively rejuvenate hair. Laser Phototherapy is not a cure for hair loss but consistent use can achieve positive results.

The Power of the Red Light!

The Theradome® LH80 PRO laser helmet is designed to cover the large scalp region affected by androgenetic alopecia. The LH80 PRO laser helmet is technically similar in wavelength, power and the number of lasers to that of a clinical Laser Phototherapy device. Human tissue can only absorb red light energy, therefore Laser Phototherapy treatment is successful in treating hair loss by penetrating the scalp with red laser light, at the correct wavelength and at the optimum depth.

Hair follicles absorb coherent laser light at wavelengths of 680 +/- 8 nanometres (nm).  Theradome’s® 80 laser diodes are optimised to this wavelength and provide the ideal energy to promote hair growth.

Despite the lasers’ red appearance our lasers are cold and therefore don’t emit heat. In addition, any warmth naturally radiated from the scalp area during the treatment dissipates through gold heat sinks and vents above each of the 80 laser diodes. 

Optimal Laser Phototherapy Energy Dosage

Laser Phototherapy optimal energy dose

Laser Phototherapy is effective in treating hair loss when the correct optimal laser energy dose is administered. With the correct dose, cellular response is triggered, hair growth accelerated, hair density and quality are improved and hair restoration occurs.

The Theradome® LH80 PRO laser helmet achieves this optimal energy dose in a twenty minute treatment time. Our lightweight 80 diode helmet produces a technically similar power and wavelength red light as a clinical machine. The proprietary laser diodes flood the scalp with coherent light in order to treat all hair loss regions.

The success of the Theradome® LH80 PRO laser helmet comes through dedicated optimal usage; we recommend a minimum of two twenty-minute Laser Phototherapy sessions per week. You can use the Theradome® LH80 PRO more frequently however, we don’t recommend more than one session per 24 hour period.

Maximum Hair Growth Therapy in Minimal Time

Theradome® provides maximum therapy for hair loss in just 20 minutes per treatment session. Engineered for full coverage of the area affecting  androgenetic alopecia, the entire region is treated simultaneously.  Other devices may only treat a small area at a time and require frequent movement to cover the same area

The proprietary 80 red laser lights flood the scalp with coherent light at a wavelength of  680 nm, optimally tuned to penetrate to the depth of the hair follicle.  The only difference between the Theradome® LH80 PRO laser helmet and a clinical Laser Phototherapy device, is that our machine is lower in price and offers greater convenience to the user.

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Theradome® Engineered With You In Mind

 Designed by scientists and engineers to provide a consumer friendly, cost-effective and efficient solution to hair loss treatment. Theradomes® is comfortable and lightweight and engineered to fit your daily life at home. Its cordless design means that you are free to move around during your treatment session and are not restricted to sitting by a wall socket.   Theradome® will warn you once battery becomes low reminding you to recharge for the next session.

Each time you turn on the device, Theradome’s® voice keeps you up-to-date with the number of treatments carried out so far. This helps to track you progress and keep treatments consistent.  Theradome® will inform you when the session has ended and will automatically turning off.

The Theradome® LH80 PRO  is operated via a single user-friendly power button making the device clear and easy to use. There is no remote control or annoying LCD attached to the helmet, it is truly hands free.

A built-in proximity sensor will only allow the hemet to operate if it senses it is on your head.  When you remove it during a treatment it will automatically turn off. This is a built in safety feature to prevent the user looking directly at the laser diodes.

To learn more about the science behind laser phototherapy you can read LPT For Hair Loss in Aesthetics Journal 

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