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How To Stop Thinning Hair In Its Tracks!

If your hair is weak and fine, try these hair stying tips to get fuller tresses with minimal fuss With 74 per cent of women in the UK complaining of thinning hair, and 8 million suffering from noticeable hair loss, it’s safe to say that nearly all of us are…

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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

As you empty out yet another can of dry shampoo, it’s time to get a definitive answer It’s the bane of our lives a couple of times a week, but how often should you wash your hair? We spoke to some of the industry’s biggest hair experts and top stylists to get…

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How to Keep Long Hair Healthy

e struggle to keep up with the most on-trend hair lengths these days. It’s 10 years since Victoria Beckham went from lengthy extensions to the now classic ‘Pob’ but with an influx of wigs at runway events, who knows which length we should aim for any more? One woman going…

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Trichotillomania: All you need to know about the ‘hair-pulling’ condition, from triggers to treatment!

What is Trichotillomania? Trichotillomania is a psychological condition where sufferers feel compelled to pull out their own hair. And this can range from the hair on their head to anywhere on the body,from eyelashes to body hair. Why do people develop the condition Trichotillomania? Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver reveals that condition often…

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10 Tricks to Stop Thinning Hair

Lots of us suffer from hair loss, with common triggers including stress, hormones, hair dye, over-styling, depression and diet – but the root cause can be complicated.  While a visit to a Trichologist (a.k.a. hair and scalp specialists), can diagnose individual cases of hair loss, we asked a pro to…

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Theradome for hair loss, Theradome GB, Theradome LH80 PRO, Theradome EVO LH40, laser phototherapy treatment, hair loss treatment for men, hair loss treatment for women, laser phototherapy helmet, laser helmet for hair loss, consultation with a trichologist, treatment for hair loss in Worcestershire.

All I Want For Christmas Is More Hair!

All I want for Christmas, is a full head of hair! Shaun Jones – The Swindonian Many of us sat back and ridiculed Wayne Rooney for his hair transplant treatment. Look how that has all died down! Wayne now pushes his Tesco trolley full of hair products to the till…

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Bakes Books And My Boys – Introducing Theradome

Thinning hair is more common amongst women than perhaps you might think. When you consider how much hair is wrapped up in a women’s self-image I’m amazed it isn’t discussed more freely. Forty percent of people who experience thinning or hair loss are indeed us women. There are so many…

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Rambling Through Parenthood – Getting Started with Theradome

I have recently been gaining a forehead. That is just a polite way of saying I am losing hair. It is falling off in clumps, in the shower, tangled in the detangler comb, stuck to the hair brush and randomly floating on bits of clothing and furniture. Not nice. Not…

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From Popping Pills To Lasers

From popping pills to lasers and injecting your own blood… FIVE ways to banish baldnessFive people have shared their hair loss experiences and how it was treatedKenneth Soh was prescribed pills to halt hair thinning and says it workedLow-level laser therapy helped Veronica O’Dwyer’s female pattern hair lossHarriet Costello, 21,…

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The Sun – We Test Hair Growth Helmet

 ‘WE TEST HAIR GROWTH HELMET’ Published Tuesday 15th May 2015, Written By Lucy Gardner. NASA has a new enterprise that’s more star tech than Star Trek – it’s invented a hair growth HELMET.The futuristic gizmo might look more Starship Trooper but it is going to be very gratefully received. Millions…

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Would you wear this to prevent going BALD? Experts create LASER solution!

THE FEAR of thinning on top is all-too-familiar for many men and women. A thick and full head of tresses is a much-valued asset, with 30 per cent of British men thinking about losing their hair at least once a day. Balding has been linked to low self-esteem, anxiety and…

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Best Shampoo for Hair Loss – if You’re Worried About Thinning and Seek Volume

Thinning hair, beware… As women, we associate a full head of glossy hair with our femininity, we work the best hair oil into our locks in the hope that our hair will be the shiniest. But hair loss issues are on the rise, and in a culture that follows the mantra, the…

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Sea Kelp for Hair Loss: Does it Really Prevent and Treat it?

Sea kelp for hair loss? Really? It’s the question on everyone’s lips! Sea kelp is commonly thought to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth, but does it actually work, or is it just an old wives tale? Now, we have the answer. ‘Unfortunately, an old wives tale,’ Consultant Trichologist…

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How OLD is your hair? Expert reveals the signs of ageing to your locks over the years – and how you can turn back the clock!

From wrinkled hands to turkey necks and furrowed brows, there are many tell-tale signs that reveal the ages of those adept at warding off the ravages of time.  But your hair need not be one of them according to Sally-Ann Tarver, an expert trichologist who reveals ways of combating hair…

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Space Age to Beat Baldness: Health Gadgets just got Madder than Ever!

Theradome, £749, from This helmet emits light from 80 lasers which are thought to stimulate hair follicle growth, as a treatment for hair loss. It won’t cure baldness, but promises to make the hair you’ve got thicker and healthier. It’s designed to be worn for 20 minutes, two to…

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Expert Tips – How to keep your hair looking glossy and gorgeous during the party season!

This party season whether you’re rocking edgy slicked back locks or sweeping your hair into an elegant chignon, a great hair-care routine will ensure your tresses stay glossy and gorgeous. Trichologist Sally-Ann Tarver shares her top tips for getting perfect party hair… Make sure to eat enough protein Protein deficiency…

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Theradome launches the LH80 PRO Laser Limited Edition Pink Helmet

Theradome has announced the launch of its LH80 PRO Laser Limited Edition Pink Helmet to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. A donation from the sale of each will be given to Breast Cancer Now, which runs the Wear It Pink campaign. The Theradome laser helmet was developed by a former NASA Biomedical engineer…

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Three months into the Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet trial (read my original post here for the introduction to Theradome’s advanced laser phototherapy) and I have a few updates. HOW EASY IS THE HELMET TO USE? Foolproof. It really is as simple as placing it on your head and pressing the button on the back. An electronic…

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Unfading Beauty Blog Review – Introduction

Hair loss and thinning is devastating at any age. The causes vary and can include factors such as medication; genetics; the environment; chemicals; medication; diet; skin disorders; ageing and of course – menopause. The Peri-menopause (along with my under active thyroid), has taken a toll on my hair and while…

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Elle – The Future Of Your Hair

Elle Magazine: Hair. It’s a multi-billion – pound industry- probably because 80% of say that when it looks good it improves our confidence and mood.  But, for the non-professional stylist, a great hair is a rare gift. However, that’s all about to change thanks to innovations being developed and released…

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